Millimeter Wave Wireless Fiber Links



Millimeter Wave technology is now delivering over the air 10Gbps Full-Duplex Wireless Point-Point solutions.  Stop paying Service Providers for your network own it.  Contact us to see if our Millimeter Wave technology can save your organization time & money!!  LightPointe’s AireLink 80 10Gig system requires only one radio on each side of the link to achieve 10 Gbps full duplex data throughput, and can be upgraded later to 20 Gbps by adding a radio and dual-polarization adapter. These solutions come with a choice of three high gain field-changeable antennas, 1 foot, 2 foot, and 3 foot, making them the longest distance, highest bandwidth radio solutions in the millimeter wave industry. Using modulations up to QAM-256 ensures very high spectral efficiency with only 2 GHz of bandwidth required.

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